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...  Backup Sensor / Parking Sensor / Reverse Sensor kits  ...
Backup sensor with buzzer
Backup sensor with buzzer alarm
with Buzzer
Backup sensor with buzzer
LED display
LED display
Colorful LCD display
Rear-view-mirror parking sensor
rear-view-mirror bankup sensor
Viseeo Parking Sensor Control Box
Multi-functions for buzzer, speaker, LED display, LCD display...
The PCB use original elements with water-proof coating.
With power cable soldering fix-on to prevent after years of usage, the connector might loss contact

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Suggestion for Importers
In the face of price competition, Lots of parking sensor kits in China quality is become very low, and many importers fear buying sensors from China any more because they couldn't find the right one
If you visit any auto exihibition in the world, You can hardly find a booth to show parking sensor products.  Only the quality ones survive.
We - The Viseeo - has been in parking sensor manufacturing for almost 20 years, We believe quality will make us survive and make our clients survive! 
Contact us at: info@vco.tw right now!  We will be the right one for you.